Tibetan Pulsation

Dheeraj and Dalai Lama

Origins of Tibetan Pulsing Healing

The Tibetan healing system was devised by an American named, James Rudolph Murley, later known as Dheeraj. Dheeraj began discovering Tibetan pulsing when he was suffering from pancreatitis, largely the result of being an alcoholic for over twenty years. He found that by touching his pancreas with his hands and feeling the pulse beat, the pain stopped. He began discovering twenty-four specific energy streams in the body which connected to each of the organs and also learnt to vibrate the organs with sound. Music, sounds, colors, mudras and all the knowledge about the Tibetan system started to reveal itself to him during his meditations. He was able to correlate the different music, sounds and colors with each of the twenty-four centers. He also studied human behavior in a mental institute. He began refining his understanding and writing down his findings on a chart.

It is claimed that practices similar to Tibetan Pulsing, incorporating the twenty-four lights, were used thousands of years ago in Tibetan monasteries and that Dheeraj’s work was a development of this. The work was thought to have been used by monks as a powerful method of purifying the nervous system and preparing the body for the experience of enlightenment. Used solely for this purpose, its healing powers were kept secret behind monastery walls.

Dheeraj himself described many meetings with Tibetan Rimpoches, who seemed to recognize the work he was developing as a continuation of ancient Tibetan practices. It became evident that on some level Dheeraj had, through his meditations, unknowingly tapped into a universal, ancient Tibetan knowledge. Having rediscovered this ancient wisdom, he set about redeveloping it in order to make it more suitable for the complex needs of the modern Western mind.

In 1988, Dheeraj took his healing work to the Osho International Meditation Centre, in India, where he began to pass on his valuable teachings to eager students from all over the world. The final phase of his work was completed in Italy. Dheeraj died in 1998 leaving thousands of initiated Tibetan Pulsing Healers scattered all over the globe.

Soul Connection through Tibetan Pulsation

The 24 organs of the body are instruments in the Universal Symphony of Life. 

Learn the orchestra of your body, how to play it, and keep it well tuned.

Sound helps to understand our perceptions and feelings.

Voice, through toning, helps us to release locked energy from specific organs.

Music, a function of the heart, helps us understand our consciousness.

Touch helps us to understand our heart.

Tibetan Pulsation is a powerful energetic healing system that is designed to help you develop sensitivity, expand consciousness, and create inner harmony. Tibetan Pulsation is a road map showing you the way through the 24 organs of our life lessons.