Upcoming Events

Toning Meditation for Transformation
When:  Wednesday, February 13, 7 – 9 p.m., cost $30
Where:   Kathy's Place, 712 Spring Branch Drive, Killeen
Call Ambika 505.263.8905 or
email healthwithambika@gmail.com to register!

Are you ready to take a jump from the mind to the heart?
The focus in these meditations comes from universal, ancient wisdom of Tibetan knowledge.

The 24 organs of the body are instruments in the 
Universal Symphony of Life. 
Learn the orchestra of your body, 
how to play it and keep it well tuned.
          Sound helps to understand our perceptions and feelings.
          Voice, through toning, helps us to release locked energy from specific organs. 
Music, a function of the heart, helps us understand our consciousness. 
Touch helps us to understand our heart.  
Tibetan Pulsation is a powerful energetic healing system that is designed to help you develop sensitivity, expand consciousness and create inner harmony.  Tibetan Pulsation is a road map showing you the way through the 24 organs of your life lessons. 

Weekly Toning meditations are now being created throughout the Austin area.

Check www.healthwithambika.com for new classes.