Eye Readings

    Where do we begin? With a personal eye reading.

"The eyes are the window to the soul" is not just a poetic statement. It is a scientific fact. Just as a computer chip contains all the information of its program, the iris reveals the complete print-out of our nervous system. The very sensitive nerve knots in our eyes are connected to the entire nervous system of our body. The eyes respond to visual input which is interpreted by the brain according to its program.

The eye is the only organ through which the brain can reach to the surface. The eyeball and its delicate skin are built from the same embryonic tissue as the brain itself. We can imagine the eyeball as brain tissue sort of turned inside out 
and its skin as the extension of the brain skin.

The iris
is very fibrous and filled with many veins. It has the ability to record everything that was damaging to our nervous system in the form of markings on her visible surface. Each shock, physical, emotional, or psychological, such as stress, injuries or operations, causes a "scar"--a blockage in our nervous system where the electrical current flow cannot pass freely anymore. This blockage shows in the iris as a recognizable marking.

By l
ooking at the iris, the practitioner is able to pick up which kind of individual session will serve you best or can help you look at a specific problem you would like to dissolve, such as migraines, depression, allergies, impotence, premature ejaculation, menstrual pains, sexual abuse, etc.

Ambika generally does eye readings at holistic fairs.