Integra™ Bio-Terrain™ Testing

Uncovering the Nutritional Factors Leading to the Formation of Chronic Imbalances.

The origins of "biological terrain" can be traced to the work of French professor Louis Claude Vincent. By looking at the parameters of pH (acidity vs. alkalinity), free radical activity (oxidation), and the mineral status in the body, he was able to give important insight into the health of the human "soil" (body fluids). Just as a farmer needs healthy soil to grow crops, we need a balance in our own soil to achieve optimal health and function.

In Chinese medicine, there is a theory called "the root vs. the branch." If one treats the root they will always affect the leaves and the branch. Biological terrain addresses the soil in which the root rests. If the soil is good and healthy, the root will draw the right nutrients and become balanced. In the same manner, if our body's soil is healthy and balanced, we will be free and better prepared to deal with the effects of chronic imbalances.

The Integra™ Bio-Terrain™ System is a collection of over 15 important tests specially selected to reveal the status of the nutritional and biological terrain. It is a one-of-a-kind evaluation system, comprehensive, yet easy-to-use, and affordable. In this system the pH, intestinal health, free radical activity, the status of specific minerals and vitamins, and much more can be checked and prioritized for an effective course of action. Another important benefit is that there is little or no waiting for results.